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The following tools, utilities and information are freely available for download. The most recent releases are at the top.

Okapi Tools and the Okapi Framework (open-source)
The Okapi tools (Rainbow v6, Ratel, CheckMate, etc.) are applications using the components of the Okapi Framework, a set of interface definitions, filters and utilities supporting various tasks related to localization.
See more information on Filters..., Connectors... and Utilities...
Astec (version 1.0)
Astec is A simple text encoding converter utility, written in C#, that illustrates the encoding support in the Microsoft .NET Framework, some of its limitations, and how to workaround them. The source code is provided. This sample application has been developed to illustrate the article Encoding Conversion in the .NET Platform in Multilingual Computing and Technologies, #68, Volume 15 Issue 8, December 2004, pages 45-50.

Rainbow (version 4.0)
The version 4 of Rainbow, a set of localization utilities to prepare files for translation, convert encodings, remove BOM in UTF-8 files, and do many other things. See more information... This version has been superceeded by the one in the Okapi Tools.
See also the newer Rainbow v5 part of the Okapi Tools.

ENLASO Localization Tools (release 7, Sep-27-2004)
A set of various Windows localization tools. It includes Rainbow: a toolbox, Horizon: a context viewer, and Album: a Clipboard utility. See screen shots and more information... Note: this installation includes Rainbow version 3, there is now a more recent version (but Beta) of Rainbow: Rainbow 4.
XLIFF Settings Files (version 1.0, Jul-01-2001)
Settings files to translate XLIFF documents with SDLX (.anl file) or TagEditor (.ini file). Note that the XLIFF files must have existing <target> elements to be used with those settings files.
ClipConvert (version 1.03 build 2, Aug-10-2000)
A utility, to convert the Windows Clipboard content when using text in a code set different from the system code set. Note: the newer application Album included in the ENLASO Localization tools also provides similar functionalities.
Waikoloa (v1.00 build 2, Nov-10-1999)
From the article in Multilingual Computing & Technology issue #29 and Sykes: an example of a simple translation memory engine, with C++ source code of the engine and a basic user-interface, as well as example files.