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Filters are the components that convert input documents from their native file format into a common internal set of resources that all Okapi components use. The extracted content can be re-written into the original file format. When using the steps, the extraction is done by the Raw Document to Filter Events Step and the re-writing by the Filter Events to Raw Document Step.

Note: The Okapi Filters Plugin for OmegaT allows you to use some of the filters directly from OmegaT.

List of the Filters

The framework distribution comes with the following filters:

Supported File Formats

The following is a list of some of the file formats supported by the distribution through pre-defined configurations:

Format Extensions Pre-Defined Configuration Filter
Android Strings .xml okf_xml-AndroidStrings XML Filter
CSV (Comma-separated values files) .csv, .txt okf_table_csv Table Filter
DITA .dita, .ditamap, .xml okf_xmlstream-dita XML Stream Filter
DokuWiki pages .txt okf_wiki Wiki Filter
Doxygen-commented files .c, .h, cpp okf_doxygen Doxygen Filter
DTD .dtd okf_dtd DTD Filter
Fixed-Width Columns Table .txt okf_table_fwc Table Filter
InCopy ICML .wcml okf_icml ICML Filter
InDesign IDML .idml okf_idml IDML Filter
iOS/Mac Strings .strings okf_regex-macStrings Regex Filter
Java Properties .properties okf_properties Properties Filter
Java Properties (Output not escaped) .properties okf_properties-outputNotEscaped Properties Filter
Java XML Properties .xml okf_xml-JavaProperties XML Filter
Java XML Properties (HTML strings) .xml okf_xmlstream-JavaPropertiesHTML XML Stream Filter
JSON .json okf_json JSON Filter
Haiku CatKeys .catkeys okf_table_catkeys Table Filter
HTML (any) .html, .htm okf_html HTML Filter
HTML (Well-formed, and XHTML) .html, .htm okf_html-wellFormed HTML Filter
HTML5 (and XHTML5) .html, .htm okf_itshtml5 HTML5-ITS Filter
Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 .xslx, .xltx, okf_openxml OpenXML Filter
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 .pptx, .potx okf_openxml OpenXML Filter
Microsoft Word 2007/2010 .docx, dotx okf_openxml OpenXML Filter
MIF .mif okf_mif MIF Filter
Moses Text .txt okf_mosestext Moses Text Filter Calc .ods, .ots okf_openoffice OpenOffice Filter Draw .odg, .otg okf_openoffice OpenOffice Filter Impress .odp, .otp okf_openoffice OpenOffice Filter Writer .odt, .ott okf_openoffice OpenOffice Filter
Pensieve TM .pentm okf_pensieve Pensieve TM Filter
PHP Content .php okf_phpcontent PHP Content Filter
Plain Text (Line = text unit) .txt okf_plaintext Plain Text Filter
Plain Text (Paragraph = text unit) .txt okf_plaintext_paragraphs Plain Text Filter
PO .po okf_po PO Filter
PO (Monolingual style) .po okf_po-monolingual PO Filter
Rainbow Translation Kit manifests .rkm okf_rainbowkit Rainbow Translation Kit Filter
RDF (Mozilla RDF) .rdf okf_xml-MozillaRDF XML Filter
RESX .resx okf_xml-resx XML Filter
SDLXLIFF .sdlxlf okf_xliff XLIFF Filter
Skype Language Files .lang okf_properties-skypeLang Properties Filter
SRT (Sub-Rip Text, sub-titles files) .srt okf_regex-srt Regex Filter
Tab-Delimiter files .tsv, .txt okf_table_tsv Table Filter
TMX .tmx okf_tmx TMX Filter
Transifex project .txp okf_transifex Transifex Filter
Trados-Tagged RTF .rtf okf_tradosrtf Trados-Tagged RTF Filter
TS - Qt TS files .ts okf_ts TS Filter
TTX - Trados TagEditor TTX files .ttx okf_ttx TTX Filter
TXML - Wordfast Pro TXML files .txml okf_txml TXML Filter
Versified Text .vrsz okf_versifiedtxt Versified Text Filter
Vignette Export/Import Content .xml okf_vignette Vignette Filter
XHTML .html, .htm okf_html-wellFormed HTML Filter
WIX (Windows Installer XML) localization files .wix okf_xml-WixLocalization XML Filter
XLIFF .xlf, .xliff okf_xliff XLIFF Filter
XML (Generic, using ITS defaults) .xml okf_xml XML Filter
XML (Generic, using stream reader) .xml okf_xmlstream XML Stream Filter
YAML (Generic YAML filter) .yml, .yaml okf_yaml YAML Filter

Note that most filters allow you to create your own configurations to support more file formats.

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