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Rainbow on Windows 7


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Rainbow is a cross-platform application to launch different utilities to help you perform various localization-relate tasks.

Its features include for example:

Like other Okapi applications, Rainbow uses the components called "filters" that take input files in a given native format and extract its translatable content into common resources that the Okapi tools can manipulate and modify. There are filters for many formats, for example: OpenOffice, XML, HTML, Properties, DTD, MS Office, tables, etc. Many translation-related formats are also supported: XLIFF, PO, TS, TMX, TTX, etc.

Rainbow also uses the Okapi components called "connectors": They allow you to access different type of local or remote translation resources. For example: Google MT, Microsoft Translator, Open-Tran, MyMemory, Translate Toolkit TM, Apertium, TDA-Search, and more.

Note that, in addition to third-party TM access, Rainbow can also use Okapi's own TM engine: the Pensieve TM. Another feature of Rainbow is to allow the user to build "pipelines" of tasks using simple components called "steps" that perform well-defined limited actions. You can chain those steps to execute many tasks in a single process.


Rainbow is available from the okapi-apps distribution:

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