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The Trados-Tagged RTF Filter is an Okapi component that implements the IFilter interface for RTF files prepared with the Trados translation layer of styles.

Warning: This is a filter for READING ONLY. You will not be able to merge back extracted data with this filter.

A Trados-Tagged RTF document is an RTF file that has special styles associated to different parts of the content and has segmentation markers.

Note that a "normal" RTF file translated with Trados and showing segments is not a full Trados-Tagged RTF because the formatting information are true RTF codes rather than some code inside the text with the tw4wInternal style. That is: you see the selected text in bold rather than see the <b> and </b> tags. An example of Trados-Tagged RTF is an HTML document where all the HTML tags are visible and are marked with either the tw4wInternal (red) or tw4wExternal (gray) style.

Processing Details

Input Encoding

The filter decides which encoding to use for the input document using the following logic:


Only the text marked by the Trados segmentation markers is taken into account. Any text outside the segments markers is ignored and concidered non-translatable.


This filter has no parameters.


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