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The following is a selection of books on various topics related to localization and internationalization. They are not arranged in any specific order.

A Practical Guide to Localization

By Bert Esselink
ISBN: 1588110060
(December 2000)

International Technical Communication: How to Export Information about High Technology

By Nancy Hoft
ISBN: 0471037435
(April 1995)

CJKV Information Processing

By Ken Lunde
ISBN: 1565922247
(December 1998)

XML Internationalization and Localization

By Yves Savourel
ISBN: 0672320967
(June 2001)

Unicode: A Primer

By Tony Graham
ISBN: 0764546252
(March 2000)

Unicode Demystified: A Practical Programmer's Guide to the Encoding Standard

By Richard Gillam
ISBN: 0201700522
(September 2002)

The Unicode Standard, Version 4.0

By the Unicode Consortium
ISBN: 0321185781
(August 2003)

Java Internationalization

By David Czarnecki and Andrew Deitsch
ISBN: 0596000197
(March 2001)

Developing International Software

By Dr. International
ISBN: 0735615837
(October 2002)

Creating Worldwide Software: Solaris International Developer's Guide

By Bill Tuthill and David Smallberg
ISBN: 0134944933
(July 1997)

Beyond Borders: Web Globalization Strategies

By John Yunker
ISBN: 0735712085
(August 2002)

Guide to Macintosh Software Localization

By Apple Inc.
ISBN: 0201608561
(August 1992)