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XML Internationalization and Localization:

The purpose of this book is twofold: First to describe what needs to be done to internationalize XML documents and applications; second to describe how the XML data can be localized efficiently. There is currently almost no information on these two topics grouped and organized in a single reference. In addition, while XML has evolved a lot the past 2 years, it has now reached a point of global acceptance, as evidenced by the many international XML working groups addressing trading partner agreements, electronic document exchange, business processes, and eBusiness.

The book discusses topics such as: Character representation, XML and Unicode, special aspects of rendering with CSS, and XSL, language tagging, encoding declaration, XML conversion to different formats, creating internationalized document types, writing internationalized documents, automated references, mixed data, segmentation, XML databases and localization, XML-enabled translation tools, online translation, localization kits, text extraction, terminology exchange, translation memories, OpenTag, XLIFF, TMX, TBX/DXLT, and so forth.

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- English edition:
XML Internationalization and Localization
Sams, Indianapolis, June 2001
ISBN: 0672320967
Paperback, 544 pages, 132 figures, 155 listings, 29 tables.
- Chinese translation:
XML 国际化和本地化开发
China Machine Press, January 2002
ISBN: 7111095014
Paperback, 365 pages, 132 figures, 155 listings, 29 tables.